University of Virginia, Orthopedic Center at Ivy Road

Photo Credit © Halkin Mason Photography

ZGF Architects
Charlottesville, VA 
Project partners include VHB, Affiliated Engineers Inc. & Whiting-Turner

Careful consideration went into designing a space that supports a positive care experience for multigenerational and diverse patient groups. The design team focused on creating an environment that is easily accessible and equitable for all users. The building’s layout seeks to reduce the number of steps patients, who are often mobility challenged, need to take to access clinics and services.

Photo Credit © Halkin Mason Photography

Attention was also directed to selecting materials that would not create hazards or barriers for patients using a walker or wheelchair. A parking lot located directly outside the surgery clinic makes for convenient and private pick up and drop off for patients coming in and out of surgery.

From professional and collegiate athletes in need of sports medicine to aging baby-boomers requiring knee or hip replacements, patients can receive diagnosis, imaging, surgery, physical therapy, and rehabilitation with specialty expertise in hand and spine, sports medicine, foot and ankle, orthopedic trauma, sports concussions, and prosthetics and orthotics — all in one place. To account for shifting patient needs and volumes, a flexible planning model allows exam rooms and resources to be shared between clinicians, optimizing care and ensuring efficiency and smooth workflow.

Integrated within a multifunctional landscape, the facility’s surrounding environment further supports the healing process with a series of outdoor experiences and physical therapy trails that encourage patients, staff, and visitors to rest and reflect, to walk or run. The project preserved existing trees and native plantings to keep the integrity of the rural Virginia landscape. On the building’s exterior, a brick facade celebrates Virginia’s local masonry history. On the interior, a sense of human movement is imbued throughout to motivate patient recovery – with glass panels blurring movement, light fixtures mimicking body lines, and graphics portraying abstracted human forms. Environmental graphics of nature and landscape complement imaging rooms and reception areas to give patients a sense of serenity while waiting or during treatment.

Photo Credit © Halkin Mason Photography

The onsite central utility plant features high-performance features including: highly efficient chillers, boilers and cooling towers; heat-recovery chillers for harvesting and reusing waste heat from the return water supply from the building; and thermal storage tanks to balance heating and cooling demands throughout the year.

The final result is an orthopedic facility that is transforming the region and achieving the highest patient and staff satisfaction levels in the entire UVA Health System.

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Published: 05/22/2024
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