Representing the Members: Voting at AIA24

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AIA24 brought a projected 15,000 architects to DC on June 5-8 for the annual AIA Conference on Architecture and Design. The schedule and events included an extraordinary list of keynote Speakers, architectural tours around the DC Metro area, and a broad range of seminars and workshops. There were also a variety of evening happy hours including great events hosted by our own AIA Northern Virginia Women in Architecture Committee and AIA Virginia.

For me, one of the highlights this year was serving as a Delegate for our Chapter at the AIA Annual Business Meeting along with our Chapter President, Braden Field. This meeting serves as the forum where Chapters and Components from across the country gather each year to vote on any proposed amendments to the AIA bylaws and any proposed resolutions regarding policy and practice for the AIA. Candidates for national AIA leadership positions are also presented at the meeting with voting occurring immediately after. In the weeks prior to the conference, AIA Northern Virginia’s Executive Committee and Board of Directors met and confirmed consensus positions, and Braden and I each cast votes representing those positions. Below is a summary of the outcome of 2024 voting by the Delegates.

Bylaw Motions:

  1. Voted to accept Bylaws Motion 1 with amendments to address termination of membership for misconduct, provide clarity on the At-Large Director appointments to the Board of Directors, and accept governance edits.
  2. Voted to reject Bylaws Motion 2 to amend the AIA Bylaws categories of Membership related to Architect Members, Associate Members, Allied Members, and Honorary Fellows and Honorary Members.
  3. Voted to reject Bylaws Motion 3 to Motion to amend the AIA Bylaws to expand AIA membership to Internationally Licensed Architectural Professionals.
  4. Voted to reject Bylaws Motion 4 to amend the AIA Bylaws to expand AIA membership to Academic Members.
  5. Voted to reject Bylaws Motion 5 to amend the AIA Bylaws to expand AIA membership to Student Members.


  1. Motion to accept Resolution 1 with amendments: AIA should develop a Health and Wellbeing Policy.
  2. Motion to accept Resolution 2: Inclusion of Additional Underrepresented Groups within the AIA Strategic Plan 2021-2025’s Equity Statement.
  3. Motion to accept Resolution 3 with amendments: Evaluate improvements to the Governing Body structure.
  4. Motion to reject Resolution 4: Providing Virtual Attendance Options for AIA Annual Conference and Women’s Leadership Summit.

In accordance with the AIA Rules of the Board, resolutions adopted at the Annual Meeting will be referred to the Board of Directors during their Board meeting on September 12, 2024, for consideration of ratification and implementation.

Leadership Positions:

  1. Illya Azaroff, FAIA as 2025 President-elect/2026 President
  2. Joshua Flowers, FAIA as 2025-2026 Secretary
  3. Matthew Toddy, AIA as 2025 -2027 At-Large Director.

The annual AIA Conference on Architecture and Design is an extraordinary opportunity to gather with our peers from across the country and around the world, to learn from one another, to discuss the broad range of issues facing our profession and the world, and to come together as a united voice to inspire and support our membership and our profession.

– Christopher S. Kehde, AIA, 2024 President-Elect/First Vice President

Published: 06/27/2024
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