Celebrating Napkin Sketch Winners

Photo Credit © AIA NoVA YAF

In March, the Young Architects Forum (YAF) revived the Napkin Sketching Contest, to showcase the starting point of many architectural marvels — the humble napkin sketch.

Designers of all levels, from professionals to beginners, eagerly submitted their napkin sketches for consideration. The entries ranged from playful doodles by aspiring elementary school students to precise drawings by seasoned firm leaders, each offering a unique perspective and creative flair.

After careful review, the winners were chosen and can now be announced:

  • Derek Moore, AIA, won the Crowd Favorite with his rendition of the Elizabeth Tower.
  • Mahamudul Hasan Asif received the Jurors’ Choice award for his whimsical perspective sketch, titled, “Did You Let Me Fly?”.
  • Liam & Madeline Belcher were recognized with the Youth Designer Award, proving talent knows no age limit.

The submissions, which ranged from simple concepts to extremely detailed artworks, showcased the diverse imagination within the architectural community. Each napkin reflected a distinct viewpoint, emphasizing that inspiration can arise from unexpected places.

As we celebrate the winners and participants of the AIA NoVA Napkin Sketching Contest, let’s continue to foster the creative spirit that drives architectural innovation.

Here’s to more napkin sketches and the endless possibilities they inspire!

– Alex Foster, Assoc. AIA, YAF Committee Co-Chair

Published: 04/16/2024
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