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The FTC’s Sweeping Ban on Non-Competes: What Does It Mean for Design Firms?

By Taylor T. Dolan, Esq. and J. Scott Shannon, Esq.Lee/Shoemaker PLLC In the wake of state-specific bans on non-compete agreements, the Federal Trade Commission (“FTC”) recently issued a final rule (“Final Rule”) prohibiting all U.S. for-profit employers from (1) entering into non-compete agreements with employees or independent contractors and (2) enforcing existing non-competes, with very limited exceptions. While legal challenges...
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Corporate Transparency Act: What Design Firms Need to Know

By Taylor T. Dolan, Esq. and Nathan B. Greyard, Esq.Lee/Shoemaker PLLC The Corporate Transparency Act (“CTA”), effective January 1, 2024, will impact millions of small businesses in the United States. Enacted to deter and enable enforcement against illicit activity, the CTA requires newly formed and previously created companies to file a Beneficial Ownership Information (“BOI”) Report with the Financial Crimes...
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Project File Management: How to Lower Risks and Raise Profits

Project files grow quickly, and you need controls that direct your employees on how to manage project documents as they are generated. Addressing your firm’s internal, organizational inefficiencies can also eliminate needless risk and improve your bottom line. From a risk management perspective, executing a clear document management process strengthens your information security and improves your ability to address a...
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Demystifying The Professional Liability Insurance Policy 

Unless you have experienced a claim, your interaction with your professional liability (“PL”) carrier may be limited to paying your premium. Insurance premiums are one of the most significant expenses A/E firms face on an annual basis, and they’re getting more costly. However, the amount that design professionals pay for errors and omissions coverage is only one of a number of important...