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2015 Virginia Code Books Are Available
Posted Friday, November 16

The 2015 Virginia Codes, which became effective September 4, 2018, are based on the 2015 International Codes® and include the following: Construction, Residential, Statewide Fire Prevention, Plumbing, Mechanical, Fuel Gas, Maintenance, Existing Building, Energy Conservation, Building and Fire Related Regulations. These codes are supported by 2015 International Codes® references and study tools.

Note that the Virginia Statewide Fire Prevention Code (SFPC) is on a different timeline.
The 2015 Virginia Codes are complete publications based on ICC's 2015 International Codes® with state amendments fully integrated into the document.

• 2015 Virginia Construction Code
• 2015 Virginia Residential Code
• 2015 Virginia Statewide Fire Prevention Code
• 2015 Virginia Building and Fire Code Related Regulations
• 2015 Virginia Existing Building Code
• 2015 Virginia Plumbing Code
• 2015 Virginia Mechanical Code
• 2015 Virginia Fuel Gas Code
• 2015 Virginia Energy Conservation Code
• 2015 Virginia Maintenance Code
• 2015 International Fire Code®

Code book orders can be placed here.

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