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Where We Stand: Professional Licensure
Posted Saturday, January 27

On January 25, the AIA released its first ‘Where We Stand’ statement of 2018, addressing a troubling trend of states rolling back licensing requirements for a host of professions, including architecture. The AIA press release explains that these efforts have the laudable goal of increasing job opportunities and removing unnecessary barriers to competition. They also have the unintended potential for lowering the standard of care many of these same professions give the public. Efforts to roll back licensure requirements that may impact architects through legislation or executive action are already taking place in at least 25 states, including Virginia. Read the full press release.

The principles set forth in the Professional Licensure statement include:
• The health, safety and welfare of the public depend on having licensed, continually educated architects.
• State licensing boards are crucial to maintaining professional accountability and guarding against unlicensed professionals.
• AIA works to uphold professional licensure in all 54 states and territories.
• License portability for architects protects us in times of disaster.

In 2017 the AIA began issuing Where We Stand statements on issues affecting the profession and the general public. Last year, statements were issues on climate change, infrastructure, immigration, and sustainability.


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