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Need Year-End Continuing Education Credits?
Posted Monday, December 4

AIAU has new courses to help you fulfill your continuing education requirements easily by the end of the year. With 300+ instructors from leading firms, you will be immersed in topics that will boost your skills and portfolio.

Here’s a sampling of some of their new courses:

• AIA+2030 Online Series Course 6: Daylighting and Integrated Lighting Design
• Light and Darkness in the Built-Environment
• Emerge by AIAU: Conquering the Construction Site
• Nutrition Facts for Buildings
• The Green Police Return, Round 2
• Building in the Natural Landscape (and Other Things I Think I Know)
• U.S. Based Codes and Standards in International Design
• Photovoltaic Technology in Architectural Design
• Emerge by AIAU: Building Codes in Architecture
• Lean (Financial) Management for Architectural Firms
• Daylighting Design Performance Metrics to Enhance Health and Well-being
• State of the Art in Architectural Photography
• The Forest City Pier 70 Project
• Business Foundations Certificate
• Unpacking the World’s Greenest Lab: Performance vs. Predictions
• Why is Accessibility So Hard?
• Accessible Homes: Lessons from the Field
• The New East River: Transformative Waterfront Design
• Research for Practice: How to Increase Your Competitive Edge

See the complete catalog HERE.

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