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The Best of AIAU
Posted Monday, February 21

AIAU offers more than 150 online courses. Here are the 5 top ranked courses, all offering HSW credit.

#1 Evidence-Based Lighting: The Intersection of Light, Architecture, Circadian Rhythms and Human Health

#2 Designing Climates: Enhancing Thermal and Visual Comfort Through the Design of Indoor / Outdoor Architecture

#3 The 9/11 Memorial Museum: Memory, Authenticity, Scale and Emotion

#4 Modernizing a Modern Icon: Renovation of Kahn’s Richards Laboratories

#5 Desert Architecture and Inspiration: The Tectonics of Water Consciousness

Courses are $25 for members, with a 15% discount when you buy 4 or more courses.

For a complete list of courses, visit the AIAU site at

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