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Architect of the Capitol
Preservation Architect
Posted: April 27


This position is located in the Architect of the Capitol, Office of the Chief Engineer, Energy and Design Services Division. The selectee provides preservation expertise to refresh the specifications required for procurement related to construction restoration projects. Projects involve structures that are of great historical significance, such as the U.S. Capitol Exterior Stone, Marble and Metal Preservation project; restoration of the Supreme Court courtyards.


***This position is temporary in nature and is not to exceed 2 years. This is strictly a temporary appointment where there is no permanent need or permanent funding available for the work involved. This position is subject to the project needs of the Agency. Therefore, the appointment could be terminated at any time due to shortage of work or shortage of funds without any advance notice. If project work continues however, it could be extended beyond the 2-year time frame at the sole discretion of the Agency. As a non-permanent employee, you may also be separated for failure to meet management’s expectations, with no advance notice.***

The individual selected for this position will perform the following duties:

At the U.S. Capitol Building, performs condition assessments and prepares drawings reflecting contract specifications to clean and repair the U.S. Capitol’s stone, metals and restore exterior lighting; Conducts preservation related assessments and prepares stone and metal focused reports for each site visit; Submits reports and drawings to the Architect of Record and the AOC Project Manager for dissemination to the AOC project team; Assists the AOC in updating drawings and specifications for the follow-on phases of the project.

At the Supreme Court Building, performs construction administration services for the restoration of the courtyards; Attends field meetings and make site visits to conduct on-site observations of the work; Submits a written report describing the condition of the day, progress of the work, the work’s conformance with contract documents and any observed deficiencies in the work.

Performs condition assessments and assist AOC in preparing scope modification drawings and specifications, including construction bulletins as needed.

Provides advice and consultation to the Architect of Record on Construction Contractor compliance with contract requirements and quality of workmanship and materials.

Reviews and recommends for action all submissions of product data, shop drawings, calculations, coordination drawings, samples, certifications, test reports and mock-ups for compliance with contract documents.

Reviews RFIs and develops and provides written responses to RFIs to the AOR within a maximum of three (3) business days.

Attends weekly project meetings in conjunction with site visits to assess the progress of the work.

Prepares preservation related stone and metal focused reports of each site visit to document the construction contractor’s progress; Submits reports to the AOR for dissemination to the AOC project team.

Reviews close-out submittals required by the contract documents and assembled by the construction contractor.