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Eustilus Architecture
Entry Level Archtiect
Posted: December 5

We are a small firm that handles around 45 projects a year. They range from small backyard decks to multi-million-dollar modern homes, a few commercial projects, and sometimes helping someone out of a jam because they were led down the wrong path. The goal is the same, to create the space around their life. Every project is unique, has challenges, and there will be lessons learned.

A small firm requires everyone to participate in all facets of the architecture process. There will be client meetings, calling the local jurisdiction, coordinating with consultants, producing boring drafting work, having fun design ideas, creating thorough details, walking the job site, having a brilliant idea not come to fruition due to a lack of budget, and many other aspects of architecture not taught in school or in a big firm.

The qualified candidate should possess:

  1. Enthusiasm in solving the puzzle-like requirements that each project brings.
  2. An attitude of “how can I do it” and not “why I can’t do it.”
  3. The ability to speak up even if we may not agree. You are your own best advocate.
  4. The understanding that mistakes will be made but should not be dwelled on.
  5. Curiosity in all things Architecture.

Other Qualifications:

  1. Strong knowledge of Revit and Sketchup.
  2. Knowledge of Photoshop.
  3. A good eye to prepare presentations.
  4. Willing to fill out monotonous forms and draft mundane bathrooms (it happens).
  5. Professional Degree in Architecture (B.Arch or M.Arch) preferred.

We are a team, and we are here to learn and to be successful. We succeed when we create the space around our client’s life. We design for them. If you are up to the task please speak up and send your resume and portfolio to