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1 | Virginia Architecture Month
1 | Arch Month: Travel Sketches - Call for Submissions
1 | Arch Month: Virtual Tour of HB Woodlawn – the Heights School in Arlington
1 | Arch Month: James M. Scott Exceptional Design Awards Gallery
1 | Arch Month – Washington-Alexandria Architecture Center Projects
9 | Arch Month - Build It: Recyclable Design Competition Opens
17 | ARE Exam Series: Programming and Analysis (CE)
17 | Arch Month: Historic Waterford Foundation Walking Tour - Black History Sites (CE)
18 | Arch Month – Huntley Speaks Architectural Tour
19 | Arch Month: Architecture at its Best - An Exhibit of Projects by Local Architects
19 | Arch Month - Hampton Roads Mid-Century Mayhem Scavenger Hunt
20 | Sustainable Development & Hot-Dip Galvanizing (CE)
20 | Arch Month - Future of Design + Construction in the Commonwealth
21 | Arch Month: WIA Workshop - Small Talk and Conversation Skills (CE)
21 | Key Retirement Planning Strategies for Architects and Firm Owners (CE)
21 | Architecture & Social Justice (CE)
22 | CAE Meeting (Committee on Architecture in Education)
22 | The North Atlantic Cities: A Book Event & Lecture with Author Charles B. Duff
23 | Design Awards Committee Meeting
23 | Arch Month - Long Bridge Aquatics Center
23 | Signatures of Loudoun Design Excellence Awards - Submissions Due
23 | Renewable Energy: Complying with Arlington County & LEED version 4.1 Requirements (CE)
24 | Arch Month: BxW - Built by Women Exhibit
26 | Arch Month - Build It: Recyclable Design Competition
30 | Arch Month – Huntley Speaks Architectural Tour
30 | J.E.D.I. IRL - Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion in Real Life - Part 2
30 | Arch Month - Celebrating Equity through DeafSpace Design: An Exploration of Gallaudet University

3 | WIA Committee Meeting
4 | Improving Indoor Air Quality (CE)
5 | Protected Membrane Roof (PMR) Systems for Low Slope Roof Assemblies (CE)
6 | Build It: Recyclable Design Competition Awards Ceremony
10 | AIA Northern Virginia Board Meeting
12 | Legislative & Government Affairs Planning Meeting
13 | Ceiling Systems for High Performing Schools (CE)
15 | ARE Exam Series: Project Planning & Design (CE)
18 | Brownfields: Restoring Value to Properties & the Community (CE)
19 | Just Hanging Out on the Wall - Masonry Rainscreens (CE)
20 | CAE Meeting (Committee on Architecture in Education)
27 | Advanced Environmental Finishes For Windows and Doors (CE)
28 | Design Awards Committee Meeting

1 | Lighting & Plug Load Controls (CE)
7 | WIA Committee Meeting
12 | ARE Exam Series: Project Development and Documentation (CE)
14 | AIA Northern Virginia Board Meeting
15 | Design Award Submissions Due
17 | CAE Meeting (Committee on Architecture in Education)
17 | AIA Conference on Architecture 2021
25 | Design Awards Committee Meeting
29 | Designing for Fire Safety (CE)

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April is Virginia Architecture Month
Wednesday, March 31

Celebrate Architecture Month with AIA Northern Virginia through a series of public programs that educate, engage, and connect us to the built environment and the profession of architecture. AIA Northern Virginia also joins AIA chapters across the state this year to offer a combined program and a wide range of opportunities. Most of this year’s events will be free and offered online.

Planned activities include:
  • Building tours with behind the scenes insight and commentary from the architects
  • Lectures on architecture and design
  • Film-making and story-telling examples in architecture
  • Creative design activities for children and families
  • Exhibits of local award-winning architecture
For a complete list of Architecture Month events, see the chapter calendar at and look for the "Arch Month" designation.

Architecture Billings Climb into Positive Territory after a Year of Monthly Declines
Tuesday, March 30

Continuing the positive momentum of a nearly three-point bump in January, the Architecture Billings Index (ABI) reached its first positive mark since February 2020, according to the American Institute of Architects (AIA).

AIA’s ABI score for February was 53.3 compared to 44.9 in January (any score above 50 indicates an increase in billings). February also marked the first time the design contract score rose back into positive territory since the pandemic began with a score of 51.6 compared to 48.8 in January. The new project inquiries score for February reached a 22-month high water mark with a score of 61.2 compared to 56.8 in January.

"Hopefully, this is the start of a more sustained recovery. It is possible that scores will continue to bounce above and below 50 for the next few months, as recoveries often move in fits and starts," said AIA Chief Economist, Kermit Baker, Hon. AIA, PhD. "Beyond the encouraging billing data, architecture employment added 700 new positions in January and has now regained 45 percent of the jobs that were lost since the beginning of the pandemic."

Visit AIA's website for more ABI information.