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AIA Northern Virginia Honors Nominations
AIA Northern Virginia annually seeks nominations for the Chapter's Honor Awards program. Given at our annual business meeting, these Chapter awards recognize the outstanding achievements of our members and colleagues and include the following categories: Award of Honor, Distinguished Leadership, Outstanding Achievement, Service to the Chapter, AIA Northern Virginia Chapter Award, and Craftsmanship Award.

AIA Northern Virginia Honors - Previous Honorees
AIA Northern Virginia recognizes the outstanding achievements of our members and colleagues through the Chapter Honors Awards. Awards are given each October in the following categories:

Award of Honor - To honor a member architect who has demonstrated outstanding levels of professional influence and activity over a sustained period of time. This is the Chapter's highest award. View list

2022 Kathryn T. Prigmore, FAIA
2021 Randall A. Mars, AIA
2020 Robert M. Gurney, FAIA
2019 Sean E. Reilly, AIA
2018 William T. Brown, AIA
2017 Sharon C. Park, FAIA
2016 John A. Burns, FAIA
2015 Carol Rickard-Bridaeau, AIA
2014 Paul R. Erickson, AIA
2013 Brian J. Frickie, AIA
2012 Al Cox, FAIA
2011 Baird M. Smith, FAIA
2010 Daniel J. Feil, FAIA
2009 Charles Matta, FAIA
2008 Steven H. Ruiz, AIA
2007 Robert Wilson Mobley, AIA
2005 Lawrence D. Cook, FAIA
2003 Michael F. LeMay, AIA
2002 Wayne A. Neale, AIA
2001 Daniel R. Bairley, AIA
2000 Gregory K. Hunt, FAIA
1999 John B. Kelso, AIA
1998 Douglas N. Carter, AIA
1997 Linda H. Micheal, AIA
1996 Jospeh Wisnewski, FAIA
1995 Susan Woodward Notkins, AIA
1994 James W. Ritter, FAIA
1993 Joanne Goldfarb, AIA
1992 Hugh B. Johnson, AIA
1991 Eason Cross, Jr., FAIA
1990 Marvin J. Cantor, FAIA
1988 Thomas L. Kerns, FAIA
1987 Paul H. Barkley, FAIA
1986 Paul H. Barkley, FAIA
1984 Edgar C. Beery, Jr., FAIA
1982 Thomas A. Kamstra, AIA
1981 R. Randall Vosbeck, AIA
1980 Hugh B. Johnson, AIA

Distinguished Leadership - Recognition for distinguished leadership in the representation of the Chapter and the Membership, and consistently exhibited the highest personal and professional standards. View list

2022 Sonia R. Jarboe, AIA
2021 Manoj V. Dalaya, FAIA
2020 Joseph B. McCoy, AIA
2019 T.J. Meehan, AIA
2018 Theresa del Ninno, AIA
2017 Karen M. Conkey, AIA
2016 Meagan Jancy, AIA
2015 Sean E. Reilly, AIA
2014 Scott S. Matties, AIA
2013 Edward D. Weaver, AIA
2012 William T. Brown, AIA
2011 Brian J. Donnelly, AIA
2010 Carolyn Rickard-Brideau, AIA
2009 Al Cox, FAIA
2008 Valerie Hassett, AIA
2007 Marlene Walli Shade, AIA
2006 Paul R. Erickson, AIA
2005 James P. Clark, AIA
2004 Philip R. Croessmann, AIA
2003 Kevin G. Sneed, AIA
2002 Alan L. Storm, AIA
2001 Charles Matta, FAIA
2000 Daniel J. Feil, FAIA
1999 William E. Evans, AIA
1998 Wayne Neale, AIA
1997 Warren Almquist, AIA
1996 Steven Ruiz, AIA
1995 Alan Hansen, AIA
1994 Ed Alvarado, AIA
1993 Daniel R. Bairley, AIA
1992 Mary L. Albert, AIA
1991 Joseph Wisnewski, FAIA
1990 John B. Kelso, AIA
1989 Badreddin Plaseid, AIA
1988 Joanne J. Goldfarb, AIA
1987 James W. Ritter, FAIA
1986 James F. Tucker, AIA
1985 Jay W. Garvin, AIA
1984 Thomas L. Kerns, FAIA
1983 Eason Cross, Jr., FAIA
1982 Lawrence D. Cook, FAIA
1981 Marvin J. Cantor, FAIA
1980 Patricia Schiffelbein, AIA
1979 Walter A. Brown, AIA
1978 Michael F. LeMay, AIA
1977 Harold L. Pierce, AIA
1976 Linda H. Michael, AIA
1975 Edgar C. Beery, Jr., FAIA

Outstanding Achievement - Recognition of a member architect's achievement that has made a significant contribution to the built environment and transcends the scope of normal professional activities. View list

2022 David Jameson, FAIA
2021 Joseph B. McCoy, AIA
2020 Al Cox, FAIA
         Eliza Beth Engle, AIA
2019 Stephen W. Koenig, AIA
2018 Anna M. Barbour, AIA
         Braden L. Field, AIA
         William E. Conkey, AIA
2017 Ann R. Kosmal, FAIA
         Baird M. Smith, AIA
2016 Alan Hansen, FAIA
         John Allen Burns, FAIA
2015 Robert M. Guerney, FAIA
2014 Randall A. Mars, AIA
2013 James P. Clark, FAIA
2012 William P. Lecky, FAIA
2011 Judy Guse-Noritake, AIA
2010 Brian J. Frickie, AIA
2009 Warren Almquist, AIA
2007 C. Richard Bierce, AIA
2006 Sharon C. Park, FAIA
         Michael T. Foster, FAIA
2005 James W. Ritter, FAIA
         Charles Matta, FAIA
2004 Daniel J. Feil, FAIA
         Elizabeth A. Reader, AIA
         Charles E. Swartz, AIA
2003 Thomas L. Kerns, FAIA
2002 Robert M. Gurney, FAIA
2001 Alan L. Storm, AIA
2000 Wayne L. Hughes, AIA
1999 Edward E. Alvarado, AIA
         Mary R. Reader, AIA
1997 Mary R. Reader, AIA
         Kitten McD. Herlong, AIA posthumous
1996 Gregory Hunt, FAIA
1995 Joseph Wisnewski, FAIA
1993 Bill Carpenter, AIA
1992 Ellen Harland, AIA
1991 Russell L. Jordan, AIA
1988 Paul H. Barkley, FAIA
1984 Robert I. Abrash, AIA posthumous
1981 Charles Goodman, AIA
1980 Mario Campioli, AIA posthumous
         G.Truman Ward, AIA

Service to the Chapter - Recognition of exemplary and meritorious conduct by a member in the service of the AIA Northern Virginia Chapter. View list

2022 D. Matthew Alexander, AIA
2021 Meredith Ellinger, AIA
         Jenine Kotob, AIA
2020 John A. Burns, FAIA
         Sydney M. Huibregtse, Associate AIA; J. Paul Lewis, AIA; Marium
         Rahman, Associate AIA; and Charles J. Todd, AIA
2018 Joseph B. McCoy, AIA
         Robyne Hamilton, Associate AIA
         Lorin Boswell
2017 Joanne Murray, AIA
         Kathryn Prigmore, FAIA
         Melissa Daniel, Associate AIA
         Marlene W. Shade, AIA
         Valerie Hassett, FAIA
2016 Debbie Burns, Honarary AIA
2015 Matt Shuba, AIA
         J. Paul Lewis, AIA
2014 F. Carter Jones, AIA
         Spencer E. Lepler, AIA
         Jo Anne Murray, AIA
2013 William T. Brown, AIA
         Karen M. Conkey, AIA
         Ela Nowak, Associate AIA
2012 Jennifer E. M. Byl, AIA
         David Prevette, AIA
2011 Sonia R. Jarboe, Associate AIA
         Scott S. Matties, AIA
         Edward D. Weaver, AIA
2010 Anna M. Barbour, AIA
         Derek Moore, AIA
2009 Francie K. Fetzer, Associate AIA
2008 Eliza Beth Engle, AIA
         Matt Shuba
2007 Aaron E. Gasper, Associate AIA
         Valerie Hassett, AIA
2006 Francisco A. Grimaldi, Assoc. AIA
         Michael Nawrocki, AIA
2005 Brian J. Donnelly, AIA
         Mario Henri Chakkour, AIA
2004 Brian Frickie, AIA
         Randall Mars, AIA
         Carolyn Rickard-Brideau, AIA
2003 Jean M. O'Toole, AIA
         Zoraya Berrio Stern, AIA
         Gavin D. Myers, Associate AIA
2002 Paul R. Erickson, AIA
2001 Alan L. Hansen, AIA
         Valerie J. Hassett, AIA
         Marlene W. Shade, AIA
2000 James P. Clark, AIA
         Koji Hirota, AIA
         Anthony Romero, Associate AIA
1999 William A. Cox, FAIA
1998 Alan L. Storm, AIA
         Phil Croessmann, AIA
1997 Kevin Sneed, AIA
         Daniel J. Feil, FAIA
         Bill Dennehy, AIA
1996 Dianne Rose, AIA
         Fleur Duggan, AIA
1995 Mary Albert, AIA
         Paul Temples, AIA
         Walter Roth, AIA
1994 Wayne Neale, AIA
         Susan Woodward Notkins, AIA
         John Heltzel, AIA
1993 Charles Matta, FAIA
         Richard Salopek, AIA
         Steve Ruiz, AIA
1992 David Nestleroth, AIA
         Janet Reiss, AIA
1991 Matthew D. Arnold, AIA
1990 Joanne J. Goldfarb, AIA
         Kitten McD. Herlong, AIA
1989 Paul H. Barkley, FAIA
1988 Lawrence D. Cook, FAIA
1987 Arthur Komblut, AIA
         Paul C. Quigg, AIA
         Dorman O. Wyant, AIA
1986 Eason Cross, Jr., FAIA
         David E. Nestleroth, AIA
1985 Michael F. LeMay, AIA
1984 Walter A. Brown, AIA
         Marvin J. Cantor, FAIA
         Wayne L. Hughes, AIA
1982 Dan R. Mueller, AIA
         Badreddin Plaseid, AIA
         Ellen Cantor, Hon. VSAIA
1981 Paul H. Barkley, FAIA
         Doug Denny, AIA
         Bill Mayne, AIA posthumous
1980 Edgar C. Beery, AIA
         Earl B. Bailey, AIA
         John C. Corley, AIA

AIA Northern Virginia Chapter Award - Recognition of an individual or organization that has, through their professional activities and body of work, significantly inspired or influenced the architecture profession in Northern Virginia over a sustained period of time. View List

2022 Virginia Chapter of the National Organization of Minority Architects
2017 William Cromley
2016 Fairfax County Exceptional Design Rewards
2015 Columbia Pike Revitalization Organization
2014 Ellen Cantor, Hon. VSAIA
2011 Potomac Valley Brick and Supply Company
2010 Architects Anonymous
2009 Coalition for Smarter Growth
As of 2009, the AIA Northern Virginia Chapter Award incorporates the retired "Allied Professional" category and Special Recognitions. Past winners of those awards follow:

Allied Professional Award
2020 Alison R. Mullins, Esq. with Shannon Mullins & Wright LLP
2019 Mark Sentner, President, Mosaic Express

2008 Sheng-Jieh Leu, RLA, Fairfax County Planning Division

2007 Peter H. Smith, Principal Staff Alexandria BAR
2006 Paul Ferguson, Vice Chair, Arlington County Board
2005 Dean Southee, ABC Imaging, Inc.
         Art Dahlberg, Director of the Code Enforcement Bureau, Alexandria
2004 Keith A. Whitener, Scott Long Construction, Inc.
2003 Thomas Hulfish, III
         Jaan Holt
         Charity Craig
2002 Hamilton Beggs
         Kathryn Brown
2001 Lisa Scheer
2000 James Lee, Esquire
         Randall B. Kell
         Tori W. Thomas
1999 Eric A. Taylor
         Sidney R. Steele
1997 Timothy Hughes, Esquire
1996 Luiz Fernandez, PE
1995 Joel Garreau
         Sheng-Jieh Leu
1994 Charlie Moore
         Bruce Kaplan
1993 Robert Naismith, PE
1992 Doug Elliot
         Dennis Roth, PE
1991 Wayne Bryan, PE
         Bob Mortensen, ASLA
1990 Robert L. Olson
1988 Selden Garnett
         VPI (Washington / Alexandria Center)
1986 Joseph Bertoni
         Joseph P. Downs
1985 Ben Forgey
         Engin Artemel
1980 Sarah Booth Conroy

Award of Special Recognition
2022 Marsha Collins, James M. Scott Exceptional Design Awards, FFX Dept. of Planning and Development
2019 Daniel Guzman, Torpedo Factory Art Center
2017 Leah Lewis
2013 Jaan Holt and Henry R. Hollander, Washington Alexandria Architecture Center
2012 Virginia Sustainable Building Network
2007 Washington-Alexandria Architecture Center Craftsman Award to John O'Rourke Master Builder
2006 Deborah S. Burns and Charles E. Enos. AIA
2004 Susan Piedmont-Palladino
1992 Steve Maier
1991 Richard D. Hook

Craftsmanship Award - Recognition of an individual or organization that has exhibited superior work in the building trades. View List

2020 Dan Lepore & Sons Company
2019 Banker Steel Company & Memco, LLC
         JWI Architectural Millwork, Inc.
2017 Davis Construction
2016 Chamberlain Construction
         Federal Masonry
2015 Gaithersburg Cabinetry + Millwork
2014 New Holland Church Furniture, Lutheran Church of the Abiding
         Presence, Burke, Virginia
2013 Joseph Alonso, Sean Callahan and Andy Uhl, Stone Masons/Carvers
         at the Washington Cathedral
2012 Eikona Studios
         Lorton Stone
2010 United Masonry Incorporated of Virginia
2008 James Lemke, J-N-L Wrought Iron, Inc.
         Doug Clark, Clark's Lumber + Millwork
2004 Malcolm Robson
1993 Tara S. Holl
         Seok Ho Kim
         Doug Horgan
         Wayne Pratt
         Mark Colza
         Ken Shankle
         Robert Householder
1986 Melvin E. Burton
         C. Edward Clark
         David C. Janovich
         Kenneth A. Spade
1982 Howard Goodman
         Lewis Christian

AIA Northern Virginia Presidents' Award for Distinguished Achievement The Presidents' Award honors unparalleled service by an individual to our Chapter members. The award is given to a Virginia citizen, who through service to the architecture profession, or education of the next generation of architects, has elevated the public's awareness of the AIA's community of practitioners, and has served-partnered with Northern Virginia architects (young and established) with distinction over a period of ten+ years. The award nomination can be made by any AIA Northern Virginia member, associate member, or allied member, and is voted on by a jury of past presidents. One award may be bestowed every five years. View List

2019 Debbie Burns, Hon. AIA

Members are encouraged to nominate potential Honor Award recipients. To do so, please complete this form to submit the nominee's name and contact information and include a brief narrative (approximately 250 words) and any supporting graphic material. You will also be asked to include your name and contact information. Nominations are due by August 12, 2022

AIA National Honors + Awards
The American Institute of Architects recognizes individuals and organizations for their outstanding achievements in design and in support of the profession of architecture and the AIA. Learn more about AIA National awards programs, submission information, and deadlines here.

The AIA Fellowship program was developed to elevate those architects who have made a significant contribution to architecture and society and who have achieved a standard of excellence in the profession. Election to Fellowship not only recognizes the achievements of the architect as an individual, but also honors before the public and the profession a model architect who has made a significant contribution to architecture and society on a national level.

So how does one go about becoming a Fellow? Architect members of the AIA who have been in good standing for at least ten cumulative years may be nominated for Fellowship by their Chapter or by a petition signed by any five Fellows or any ten AIA members. In addition, each candidate must be sponsored by either an FAIA or AIA member in good standing. The sponsor provides a one-page letter of introduction to the jury that includes specific reasons why the candidate deserves to be a Fellow.

AIA Northern Virginia has a Fellows Committee to help you through the process. So if you are interested in applying for Fellowship, or in nominating or sponsoring a member, please contact the Chapter at or (703) 549-9747. For detailed information on Fellowship, visit the National AIA website here.

Local Jurisdictions Honors + Awards
Design Arlington Awards Program
James M. Scott Exceptional Design Awards
Signatures of Loudoun Design Excellence Program