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2023 Lecture Series #2: Elevating Your Connections (CE)
April 26

Virtual.  1.25 AIA LU|Elective offered for this class.

The hybrid work model is here to stay with only 29% of employees* wanting to go back full time in the office, companies are asking workers to have to adjust to change yet again, resulting in half of the population in the workforce* as experiencing burnout and exhaustion.  Seeing this also in the professional services industry like architectural services. NoVA WIA Committee in partnership with Nielsen Executive Coaching LLC (NEC) will be discussing these challenges and addressing strategies to build self-awareness, resilience and culture by hosting a VIRTUAL lecture series on How to Thrive in a Hybrid Work Environment. All are welcome to attend.

Please note: The general session portions of this lecture will be recorded.

AIA Member: $20 per session
Non-Member: $30 per session 
Student: $10 per session 


Apr. 26: Lecture 2 – Elevating Your Connections
1.25 AIA LU|Elective offered for this class.

As we learn how to navigate a hybrid work environment in our firms and with our project teams, it is important to intentionally create opportunities to forge social connections that are meaningful and supportive.  These connections provide a solid foundation as a source of wellbeing while navigating changes and achieving a complex balance between work and life. Participants will learn how to identify, establish, and prioritize quality connections and relationships to improve and increase overall productivity while also finding balance in life.  Self-care practices coupled with managing relationships are keys to being successful as we return the office and implement hybrid schedules.

1.    Explain and illustrate why it is important to foster inclusion and belonging in a hybrid work environment. 
2.    Define and discuss psychological safety, why it matters and how to identify it in your work environment at a team level, office level, and organizational level. 
3.    Explore and build understanding of the belief system and assess how it can influence us when asking for help and trusting others. 
4.    Examine how to create better boundaries in relationships to gain balance in work and life. 

May 24: Lecture 3 – Co-Creating a Hybrid Work Culture
1.25 AIA LU|Elective offered for this class.

Get ready to hear and learn about creating hybrid work cultures from prominent leaders both in- and outside the architecture and design industry.  By sharing real-life experiences, participants can gain insights and perspective from success stories and valuable lessons learned of how their teams have coped and created a new hybrid work culture. Through a panel discussion and guided conversation, attendees will walk away with tools to navigate and create this new and demanded hybrid work environment as well as a set of action items that can be implemented for personal growth and improvement. 


NNIFER NIELSEN is a certified leadership and executive coach with Nielsen Executive Coaching LLC and has over 20 years of experience in professional services, training, facilitating, DEI group coaching and leadership coaching with a focus in positive behavior changes and strengths based skills development. Her coaching style is empowering, exploratory, and actionable. The team coaches leaders to be bold, fearless, and empowered to be present and engaged, to achieve more and to build others up. They work with organizations to elevate the people experience through directly supporting executives and senior leaders to build an inclusive culture of adaptability, high touch team engagement and empowerment, awareness of mindsets and enhance leadership acumen.

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