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Digesting Structures, Day 2: A Visual for Aspiring & Established Architects
October 9



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Whether you’re studying for several divisions of the ARE® exam or are an established architect, this seminar will review the basic concepts of statics and the mechanics of materials, along with a selection of appropriate structural systems for different design criteria. Presented as a set of criterion and in-process construction photos, the seminar will include general discussions of axial, perpendicular and eccentric loading. Additionally, focus will be on the lateral stability of building structures, including discussion and presentation of concepts such as Moment Resisting Frames, Braced Frames, Diaphragms and Shear Walls. A survey of foundations and retaining walls, along with an overview of wind and seismic forces, will also be covered in this session presented by Prof. David Thaddeus.

Learning Objectives: 
1: Identify different types of Gravity and Lateral Loads that must be factored into the structural design and construction of a building to provide optimum safety for the occupants
2: Review the path of different loads through structure
3: Identify the criteria for the selection of an appropriate structural system to ensure the safety and welfare of the occupants
4: Define the structural properties of structural materials (wood, steel and concrete)

AIA Northern Virginia
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Course: NOVA2022-009
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