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WIA Communications Workshop: Difficult Conversations, Negotiations, and Disagreements (CE)
June 23

This is the third and final workshop of the WIA 2021 Communications Workshop Series. Other sessions are scheduled for April 21 and May 19.

On a good day, people struggle with conversations and communication that bear weight, heightened emotions, and conflict. Add in a high-value want, something like a raise or a better work situation, and negotiations can make conversations even more difficult – try a disagreement? Cue stress, people-pleasing, passive-aggression, and more bad behavior that helps no one.
This interactive class will explore strategies to diffuse conflict, check emotions, focus the difficult conversations, and come up with strategies for coping during tumultuous times in your personal, public, and private lives.
Participants will leave with actionable steps to level up communication skills and a handout with further learning and readings.
Presented by Jen Brown, founder of The Engaging Educator.

2 LUs.. A $20 registration fee is required to attend the workshop. Registered attendees will be asked to complete a survey when you register. All are welcome to attend. Attendance of prior communications workshops either in April or May are not required to participate. Proceeds will go towards a local scholarship fund.

The workshop series is sponsored by Shalom Baranes Associates.

Registration will open soon.