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WIA Communications Workshop: Active Listening, Self-Awareness in Communication Style, & Empathy (CE)
May 19

As a continuation of the 2021 Communications Workshop Series, Women in Architecture proudly hosts the second workshop on Active Listening, Self-Awareness in Communication Style, & Empathy on May 19.
Active listening and thoughtful responding are two incredible ways to tap into our own skills and build connections in an authentic manner. In this program, we'll dive into how we show we are listening and complete group activities that build active listening skills.

Presence and self-awareness play a large part in your communication. By taking the space that belongs to you, you can convey a confident nature - and - work on calming the nerves that pop up when we're playing smaller than we should be. Through prompts and conversation, we’ll develop self-awareness of communication style, practice assertive communication and further develop empathy.

Participants will leave with actionable steps to level up communication skills and a handout with further learning and readings.

Presented by Jen Brown, founder of The Engaging Educator.

2 AIA LUs. A $20 registration fee is required to attend each workshop. Registered attendees will be asked to complete a survey when you register. All are welcome to attend. Attendance of the prior communications workshop in April is not required to participate. Proceeds will go towards a local scholarship fund.

The workshop series is sponsored by Shalom Baranes Associates.

The third and final communications workshop will be held on Wednesday, June 23 from 4:30pm to 6:30pm. The topic of the third workshop will be Difficult Conversations, Negotiations, and Disagreements.