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Advanced Environmental Finishes For Windows and Doors - Postponed
May 27

Offered in partnership with Loewen Windows and Doors and The Sanders Company.


Participants of this course will learn how different paint and anodized finishes rate when compared to architectural specifications.  Sustainable materials and cradle-to-cradle considerations are provided.  Participants will also learn about the application process to assure informed decisions can be made for specific environments.

Learning Objectives: 
1: Standards, Specifications and Performance for paint coatings applied to metal cladding and the performance characteristic of anodized aluminum.
2: Advanced testing methods and comparison of all coating types. Rating systems, durability specifications and impact on performance.
3: Environmental considerations including solvent vapors, recycling, landfill impact and water system protection for paint and coatings.
4: The application methods and component materials of the painting and anodizing process. The available colors and finishes of the process.