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ARE Exam Series: Project Planning & Design (CE)
May 15

Each year the AIA Northern Virginia Young Architects Forum organizes seminars for those preparing to take the Architect Registration Exam® (ARE). Our award-winning series offers the opportunity to learn from a professional in each subject area and use that knowledge in preparation for the ARE. This year’s series runs from January to July. Session will be held virtually.

All ARE sessions offer continuing education credit and can be taken by members as review sessions.

Individual courses $50 for AIA members, $75 for non-AIA members.
Series package of all 6 sessions: $250 for AIA members, $400 for non-AIA members.

Complete schedule and registration are available here.

Project Planning & Design

This course is designed to help candidates prepare to take the Project Planning and Design section of the Architect Registration Examination 5.0 (ARE 5.0). Project Planning and Design is one of the six divisions offered as part of ARE 5.0. The course content focuses on issues related to the preliminary design of sites and buildings. An emphasis will be placed on the understanding of developing and integrating: design concepts, sustainability/environmental design, building systems, assemblies and materials, universal design, and other forms of governing codes and regulations.

Learning Objectives:

• Participants will examine how codes and regulations are relevant to the planning phase of a project. They will apply zoning and environmental regulations to site and building design, apply building codes to building design, and learn to integrate multiple codes to a project design.

• Participants will integrate environmental conditions, codes, systems and assemblies into a project design. They will be able to use design logic to determine building configuration based on program and code requirements, building systems, environmental, contextual, and site conditions.

• Participants will consider environmental conditions and context influence on project planning and design. They will examine how to determine the location of a building and site improvements based on site analysis, determine sustainable principles to apply to design, and look at the impact of neighborhood context.

• Participants will consider how to determine building systems, materials and assemblies during the design phase, that adhere to early programmatic, budgetary and regulatory requirements.