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360 Mentoring General Session 3
February 27

360 Mentoring is a program that provides opportunities to connect, teach, and learn for architects at all levels of their careers. This year's theme explores the intersection of technology and architecture in the present and future of practice. In this session, participants will break into small, facilitated groups to discuss the topic of new technologies. Following the small group sessions participants will examine technological skills that are most relevant to the current practice of architecture and consider resources for local architects to obtain and develop these skills. The group will also discuss tools in development and what can be anticipated in technological advances.

Participants will discuss new technologies that are affecting architectural practice, design workflow and community engagement.

Participants will connect innovations in technology to broader trends in practice and methodology, and to impact on projects and our community as a whole.

Participants will examine how different firms and organizations create strategic plans for technology and implement training and standards.

Participants will review a list of resources to further their own skills and interests.

2 LU. Enrollment is limited to the 2018-2019 360 Mentoring Group. The next series of 360 Mentoring will begin in September 2019.

For information, contact the Chapter House.