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Integrating Workplace ’Wellness’ within Transit Agencies
May 16

At the Chapter House, 1101 Duke Street, Alexandria, VA 22314.

Organized by the COTE Committee and presented by Greg Shipley, AIA, RNL Design.

A health and wellness revolution is underway in corporate offices around the nation. Building owners are providing sit-stand desks, fitness classes, inviting staircases, but how effective are they if you start and end each day behind the wheel of a car? According to a 2009 study by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, transit users took 30 percent more steps per day and spent 8.3 more minutes walking per day than people who commuted by car. There is no doubt that active transit is both a key component of a healthy lifestyle, and also a highly personal choice.

Concurrently there is a growing movement across the nation towards policies promoting healthy, safe and accessible places for recreation and public transit. Transit operator health is both a unique concern and a key concern due to the nature of the job. Studies have shown companies that focus on employee health and wellbeing reap significant benefits in terms of recruitment, retention and lower personnel costs. By ’walking the talk’ in their own facilities, from the public spaces to the back of house administration offices and maintenance bays, transit organizations can complete the circle of a holistic approach to workforce wellbeing.

This presentation looks at the role and responsibility of transit agencies and facility designers in developing strategies and designing spaces that impact the healthy workplace. It examines market trends and technologies pushing the workplace to the next level of human sustainability, how they apply to transit facilities and the immense potential for a transit organization’s triple bottom line.

Learning Objectives:
• Identify the concepts of the WELL Building Standard and how these can apply to administration and operation facilities.
• Investigate ways through the design of the space to enhance the User experience.
• Understand the importance of daylighting, exterior amenities, and circadian lighting.
• Develop ways to encourage a healthy lifestyle for employees through design.

1 HSW LU. $5. 6:00p reception; 6:30-7:30p presentation. Registration required.