AIA Northern Virginia
Small Firms Roundtable – Sustainable Siding Options
May 5

Organized by the Small Firms Committee and presented by Boral.

Designing Commercial Projects with Manufactured Stone Veneer

Attendees will discuss design guidelines for sustainable manufactured stone veneer buildings, including product innovations and industry related education.

• Participants will examine the manufactured stone veneer manufacturing process.
• Participants will analyze key installation detailing for high performance buildings.
• Participants will understand aesthetic, environmental, cost and productivity impacts of various manufactured veneer masonry systems and their contribution to sustainable design.
• Participants will describe advancements in manufactured stone veneer

Understanding Poly-Ash Siding and the Other Categories of the Siding Market

An examination of the new Poly-Ash category of exterior siding as it relates to other types of siding, specifically around the areas of installation, maintenance, and sustainability.

• Participants will identify the various types of exterior siding and material composition.
• Participants will understand the key attributes of each siding category and installation concerns.
• Participants will define the Poly-Ash category of exterior siding and performance attributes of the material.
• Participants will identify key applications and installation guidelines for Poly-Ash siding.

2 HSW LUs. Lunch provided by Boral. $8 to attend, reservations required due to limited seating. id='theEntry'>