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ARE: Structural Systems
March 31
March 31-April 2

At Jacobs, 1100 North Glebe Road, Suite 500, Arlington, VA 22201.

This weekend review session is offered as part of our 2017 Architect Registration Exam (ARE) Prep Courses.

All ARE sessions offer continuing education credit and can be taken by members as review sessions.

Structural Systems:

In preparation for the Architect Registration Examination, participants will review all elements of structural systems, considering materials and their properties; statics and their impact on building structures, especially a building’s response to earthquakes and wind loads; and general design theories of beams, columns and trusses.

• Participants will review various structural systems, including conventional and long-span systems, and consider how to select an appropriate system. They will consider wood, steel and reinforced concrete construction, examining the properties, various forms and design requirements for each material. They will also consider foundation systems, walls and connections.

• Participants will review statics and their impact on building structures, including gravitational and lateral forces, wind forces, seismic forces, moments, equilibrium, free body diagrams, stresses, stain (including Hooke’s Law) and thermal stresses.

• Participants will review the general design theory of beams, columns and trusses. They will consider different types of beams and loads, bending moment diagrams, beam stresses, deflection of beams and tributary load analysis. They will also review trusses, considering method of joints and method of sections.

• Participants will examine a building’s response to both earthquakes and wind loads, considering both new construction and existing buildings. They will examine code requirements, lateral load resisting systems, distribution of base shear, overturning, deflection and drift, diaphragms, collectors, torsion, combined vertical and horizontal forces and base isolation.

30 HSW LUs. Information and registration for Structural Systems can be found HERE.