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ARE Exam Series: Site Planning + Design
February 25

At AECOM, 3101 Wilson Boulevard, Suite 900, Arlington, VA 22201 and via simulcast at AECOM, Wells Fargo Tower, 10 South Jefferson Street, 16th Floor, Roanoke, VA 24011.

The Young Architects Forum has scheduled the 2017 Architect Registration Exam (ARE) Prep Courses.

With the launch of ARE 5.0, some candidates plan to complete their testing under ARE 4.0 while others plan to combine ARE 4.0 with ARE 5.0 in order to only take five tests. While the format and division organization of ARE 5.0 is quite different, much of the content overlaps with 4.0. Our 2017 ARE Prep Series will provide inclusive learning and applicable resources for ARE candidates regardless of the test version they intend to complete.

The graphic vignette content specific to 4.0 is now condensed into a single-day session. Practice Management content new to 5.0 is presented in a separate course. We also added a general study session to provide an open coaching and review forum for those looking for additional personal guidance. And once again, we will offer supplemental courses to provide an overview of topics found throughout all exams.

All ARE sessions offer continuing education credit and can be taken by members as review sessions.

Site Planning and Design:

In preparation for the Architect Registration Examination, participants will examine essential site planning, analysis, and design strategies, considering how to integrate the latest sustainable design techniques. They will review site design, site grading and site zoning, including circulation systems, parking, handicapped accessibility, utility systems, solar potential, mechanical systems, water management, site topography and zoning issues and considerations.

• Participants will consider site design as it relates to circulation systems for vehicles and pedestrians, including vehicular movement, pedestrian circulation, parking, public transportation and provisions for handicapped accessibility.

• Participants will consider placement and design of services and utilities, including water supply and distribution, wastewater systems, electrical utility facilities, telephone, CATV, gas utility systems, flood control and drainage systems.

• Participants will consider site assessment and site work including climate, orientation, sun control, fenestration, exterior materials, solar heating and cooling and mechanical systems. They will also examine water issues including uses of water, water on the site (both natural and man-made), water cycle and potential flooding. They will explore plants, soil types and composition, soil testing, soil and site problems, soil drainage, topography and drainage issues, site preparation, earthwork, foundations, site improvements and landscaping.

• Participants will examine zoning issues, including the zoning envelope, setbacks, height limitations, land coverage, floor area ratios, off-street requirements, variances and conditional uses, rezoning, contract zoning and bonus or incentive zoning.

4 HSW LUs. $40 for AIA members and $60 for non-members. The cost includes lunch and study materials. Advance registration is required one week prior to class. Information on our ARE Prep Series and registration for this session are available on our ARE page.