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Architectural History II – ARE Supplemental Course
February 24

At AECOM, 3101 Wilson Boulevard, Suite 900, Arlington, VA 22201 and via simulcast at AECOM, Wells Fargo Tower, 10 South Jefferson Street, 16th Floor, Roanoke, VA 24011.

The Young Architects Forum has scheduled the 2016 Architect Registration Exam (ARE) Prep Courses. The series run through May and includes sessions on each section of the exam, as well as supplemental courses to provide information on topics that are sprinkled throughout the exams.

All ARE sessions offer continuing education credit and can be taken by members as review sessions.

Architectural History II - Development of the Modern Movement:

This session provides an overview of modern architecture from the transitional styles that helped to form the modern movements to the present. Participants will examine architectural form and construction trends, using examples from numerous style periods. They will investigate the development of the skyscraper, the influence of the Chicago School and the transition from classical styles to modern designs of numerous building types.

• Participants will investigate design and social influences that contributed to the development of modern architecture, examining styles that helped in the transition from classical architecture to the modern movement.

• Participants will examine structural innovations that lead to the development of the skyscraper and consider design concepts that impacted style.

• Participants will consider design concepts and theories of the Chicago School of Architecture that clarify structural, functional and aesthetic considerations and will examine the widespread influence of the style.

• Participants will examine design trends, structural innovations and social influences that contribute to the architectural forms of certain building types, including religious facilities, residential projects, libraries and concert halls, as they move from classical to modern styles.

2 HSW LU. $25 for AIA members and $35 for non-members. The cost includes refreshments and study materials. Advance registration is required one week prior to class.

Information and registration for the 2016 ARE series are available on our ARE page.