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Trends in Commercial Roofing
October 22

601 Prince Street, Alexandria, VA 22314 (part of Virginia Tech's Washington Alexandria Architecture Center).

Earn 4 HSW credits as you learn about current trends in roofing. Firestone Building Products will present 4 sessions.

• 8:00-8:30a – Registration
• 8:30-10:30a – Single Ply Roofing Assemblies and Commercial Roofing Technologies, presented by Robert Anderson, Building Envelope Solutions Manager, Firestone Building Products
• 10:30-10:45a – Break
• 10:45-11:45a – Introduction to Daylighting Systems, presented by Brian Grohe, National Sales Manager – Energy Solutions, Firestone Building Products
• 11:45a-12:00p – Break to get lunch
• 12:00-1:00p – Designer’s Guide to Vegetative Roofing (presented over lunch), presented by Tom Hanzely, National Sales Manager – Vegetative Systems, Firestone Building Products

Single Ply Roofing Assemblies

Describes the two types of single-ply roof covers - Thermoset & Thermoplastic, explains the basic installation methods of each and gives market breakdown by product. Includes material comparisons & concerns, specific system types and advantages & disadvantages of each.
• Learn the different membrane types and what differentiates them
• Understand the three different attachment methods for single-ply roofing
• Learn the differences between seaming methods for different membranes
• Learn how roof system preferences have changed in the marketplace

Commercial Roofing Technologies

A discussion on the importance of insulation, today’s codes & standards and the environmental issues surrounding commercial roofing.
• Understand the importance of roofing insulation and its different types
• Learn the proper layout & attachment methods for roofing insulation
• Learn about the trends in “cool roofing” and green building standards
• Learn about recent codes & standards affecting the roofing industry, including the Energy Code, VOC restrictions, and air barriers

Introduction to Daylighting Systems

An overview of the various types of rooftop daylighting systems. Includes a comparison of each of the types, the energy savings potential from engineered daylighting systems and the human health benefits derived from natural lighting.
• Understand the motivation behind daylighting
• Learn the common concerns with top lighting and how to address them
• Learn the difference between prismatic & non-prismatic daylighting
• Understand how daylighting has affected real-world facilities

A Designer’s Guide to Vegetative Roofing

A comprehensive overview of vegetative roofing, involving the various types of systems, the implications of fundamental design integration with the roof system, storm water control issues and the importance of irrigation systems.
• Learn the market drivers and key benefits of a vegetative roof
• Understand the different types of vegetative roofing assemblies
• Learn how to address the key design considerations involving a vegetative roof
• Understand the maintenance requirements to keep a vegetative roofing system healthy after its installation

4 HSW LUs. Lunch is provided by Firestone Building Products. $50 for AIA members; $65 for non-members.

Location is accessible by Metro - King Street Station. Street parking (both free and metered) is available with 2-3 hour limits. There is a garage located 1 block away on South Pitt Street, between Prince and King Streets.