Photography © Maxwell MacKenzie
Video © J. Paul Lewis, AIA

West River House
  West River House

Award of Excellence in Residential Architecture
Harwood, Maryland

Project Team:
 Wouter Boer, AIA
 David Jones, AIA
 Aaron Adams

General Contractor:
 Mauck, Zantzinger & Associates

Additional Consultants:
 Amy Zantzinger
Interior Design
 Ehlert Bryan
Structural Engineering

"This, to us, was an obvious award winner. A wonderful project. It's quiet, it's detailed very cleanly. It's honest to its location, and it's honest to its site. It really sang out to us when we looked at the inside and discovered that it is very well-detailed, very thoughtful in every decision that was made throughout the space. The connection from the front through to the back just really invites you into the space. Again, very true to itself in a traditional form, but of its time and place today. Really a wonderful project."
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